OSWCC Takes Over Streets Of Cleveland!!

This past St. Patty’s day two OSWCC members took it upon themselves to spread the joy of Star Wars.Josh Vardous and Troy Lindsay are also members of the 501st Imperial Legion of Stormtroopers, also known as Vader’s Fist.

It was a last minute decision to suit up in their armor to crash the parade route but little did they know how big of a reception they would soon receive from the entire crowd. A few quick armor adjustments to fit in with the event, toss in freezing temps and a few loving freinds to escort and document the trip (OSWCC members Angela and Trent Lindsay, and Lisa Pavlina…thanks guys!), and Cleveland was in for a huge suprise. Children of all ages, parents, grand-parents, policemen, firemen, parade marshals…EVERYONE wanted to pose for pictures with the Stormtroopers!…er I mean ‘robots’, ‘Buzz Lightyear’, or ‘Darth Vader’…depending on who you asked 😉

The following are a few snapshots to share in their excitement.