OSWCC Summer Social X

The OSWCC Summer Social! One Day of Star Wars fun right here in Ohio!

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Location / Date / Time:

Boardman Park (Boardmanpark.com)
375 Boardman Poland Rd
Youngstown OH 44512
Date: August 18, 2007
Time: 1:00PM until we decide we’ve had enough!

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Here’s a list from Google Maps of all the motels/hotels/inns that are 2 miles or closer to Boardman Park.

Days Inn South
8392 Market St, Youngstown, OH
(330) 758-2371
Microtel Inn
7393 South Ave, Youngstown, OH
(330) 758-1816

The OSWCC Summer Social wouldn’t be right without some exclusive OSWCC branded swag to commemorate the special event! Every year as long as I can remember we’ve done a custom proof card, and this year is no different. matter of fact there will be two proof cards this year, each one a tribute to George Lucas and his amazing 30 years of Star Wars he has given all of us.

This year we’ll have exclusive badges to collect, plus a proof sheet of all 12 designs for sale at the event, perfect for framing!

OSWCC 10th anniversary posters will be available this year and don’t forget the OSWCC goody bag! The goody bag is for fully paid OSWCC members only, first come first served.

Add to all of this our traditional raffle and we’ve got one terrific day of Star Wars fun planned for the OSWCC membership!