OSWCC Member Immortalized

OSWCC member Dane Smith has been called many things before, but “model” was never one of them. Until now! Dane recently posed for famed artist Joe Corroney as a base for Alto Stratus, a character featured in the Star Wars Insider’s Holonet News.To be forever immortalized as a Star Wars character is a dream come true for any fan boy. Dane’s enthusiasm showed when he was asked to describe Joe’s creative process. “The neatest part is the process Joe uses,” began Dane. “He used my picture as the base, and added long hair, crazy beads in my beard. The actual picture is free-hand drawn traditional pencil and ink. He then scanned the picture, and digitally colored it.”

Here are some pictures showing Dane’s reference picture, the pencils, and the final colored image which was used in the Star Wars INSIDER, issue number 69!