A Mini Museum From Another Galaxy


OSWCC member Oscar Didier was recently showcased in a periodical from Mexico. The following is the translation of the article.

Since we went into Oscar’s bedroom, it was more than obvious that his passion for all the stuff related to the SW movies and their celebrities, looks like a museum!

Figures, packaging boxes, cards, magazines, catalogs, posters, displays, starships, light sabers, are among O’s most precious objects, and have been collected from visits to Houston, Atlanta, Seattle and NY to attend collector’s conventions.

He told us that since the movie came to Mexico in 1978, he had been very impressed with the film, and even more when he got for Christmas, some toys from the first movie. Such items are now part of the most expensive part of his collection due to the difficulty to find them around the world.

In order to keep intact each one of his toys, he cleans his SW glass case himself, where he keeps them away from the dust. Nobody else is authorized to move them, given that these pieces are very small, delicate, and expensive.

O’s most expensive toy is a Luke SW, he paid $850.00 for it! He has also been lucky to find others cheaper than what they are usually worth by going to many “garage sells” in the US.

From the first generation, he has 71 out of the 93 action figures, and his favorite is Boba Fett. From the newer generations, he has all the 357 figures.

One of the most difficult things to find, and that form part of his collection, is a blueprint for the design of a toy that was never manufactured, and that was supposed to be Jabba’s castle.

You may be wondering how our neighbor can sustain his expensive hobby. Well, from being a collector, one day it occurred to him to make small Plexiglas cases to keep the little figures protected. As a result of this invention, now he makes and sells them to his colleagues in the US and UK, and he’s now know as “Oscar Cases”… What about that?