Columbus Toy Show

On September 14th the Ohio Star Wars Collector’s Club participated in the first Annual Columbus Toy Show, presented by the British Papermill & Finders Collectables. OSWCC members Bill Byers, Bill Cory, Dan Flarida & Doug Schroeder, got to the event at 6:30 a.m. to help as security while vendors unloaded their cars and set up their booths. At 9:00 the early bird buyers where let into the show and Byers, Flarida & Schroeder set up the club’s information booth. Many of you may have seen the booth at Celebration 2. By 10:00 club members, Bill Byers, Bill Cory, Dan Flarida, Chris Helke, Doug Schroeder & Joel Slater worked the OSWCC booth. Taking turns the group was able to successfully man the booth and give each other time to browse the tables at the Show. The booth was in a really great location and we talked to many collectors and dealers. The 501st showed up in costume, looking very Imperial and made a lot of fans smile. They were posing for pix at every table.

With 300 plus tables at the show you could pretty much find anything you might have been looking for; loose & carded Vintage Figures, Micro Prototypes, and Clone Wars Basic Figures. There was a little of everything there.

It was a great turnout and many OSWCC members took some time to stop by the booth and check out the show. It was really good to see; Greg Clingman, Jay Crawley, Joe Reiss, John Wooten, Jon Farmer, Rick Rhodes, Todd Schott, & Tracey Hamilton. The Toy Show was such a huge success that OSWCC has been asked to be a part of the next years show!