OSWCC 2003 Pumpkin Carving Contest

It’s time to break out the sharp knives and plug in the power tools kids because OSWCC is having a pumpkin carving contest!
Here are the details:

  • Any member of OSWCC can enter the contest.
  • One entry per member
  • Entry must be a Star Wars themed design
  • No synthetic or man-made pumpkins allowed
  • Entry must be in good taste as determined by the Senate
  • Pictures of the entry must be received by midnight on Oct. 26th. (Pictures can be taken at the October meeting, or you can mail a hard copy photo in to be scanned for you.)

Pumpkins will be judged by the OSWCC Senate based on the following criteria: 1. Creativity of the design 2. Craftsmanship in the carving 3. Presentation of the overall entry Mail entry to: dflarida@go-concepts.com The OSWCC Senate’s decision on the winning entries will be final. Prizes for the adult category:

  • First place: $100 gift certificate to your choice of TRU, Target or Walmart
  • Second place: $25 gift certificate to your choice of TRU, Target, or Walmart
  • Third place: Your choice of a modern or vintage style action figure case from Oscar’s Cases

Prizes for the childrens category:

  • First place: Boxed Republic Gunship
  • Second place: Two carded Clone Wars action figures
  • Third place: One carded Clone Wars action figure