You can have a lifesize Jar Jar! Seriously!

Lifesize Jar Jar

The club received this email from Justine Moore, Assistant Producer for New Media….Yeah, we know it’s Jar Jar but if there is interest then let’s spread the word.

Hi! My name is Justine Moore and I am a web developer at CET in Cincinnati, which is a public television station. Wednesday, April 15th marks the first day of our annual “Action Auction”. I wanted to email your club as we have an item that will be auctioned off that I feel is something that would strike a chord with your members. It’s a life-sized statue of Jar Jar Binks. Being a Star Wars fan myself, I know Jar Jar is by no means a fan-favorite, but I thought perhaps from a collector’s point-of-view, it may be of some interest to someone out there! He gets auctioned off on Saturday. Being a tv station, this would be directed more towards the members in the Cincinnati & surrounding area, but I’m sure if someone outside of our viewing range really wanted him, we could accommodate.

Here’s a link to a video for more information on Jar Jar : … temID=1625