OSWCC Member Feature: Jerry Stephens

Jerry Stephens

This is the third in a series of features of OSWCC members.

Name?  Jerry Stephens

Region: South
Favorite movie?                                        A New Hope
Age?                                                        34
Time in OSWCC?                                      10 years
Occupation?                                             Engineer
Family?                                                     Wife & 2 kids
Hometown?                                              Cincinnati, Ohio
What’s your collecting focus?                    3 ¾ in/vintage
How long have you been a SW fan?            1979
Favorite character?                                   Han Solo
Favorite piece in your collection?              Palitoy Death Star
Original Trilogy or Prequel Trilogy?           OT
3 ¾ or 12 inch?                                         3¾
Where is your collection?                           Main room study
Loose or boxed?                                        Mostly loose
Dark side or light side?                              Light Side
Star Wars dream job?                                 Convention organizer
Novels or comics?                                      novels
Vintage or modern?                                   both

Favorite line from the movies?

“If you should strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

Here are some photos of Jerry’s collection:
Jerry's collection roomJerry's collection room