OSWCC Member Feature: Bob Cotteral


This is the fourth entry  in a series spotlighting our members.

Name: Bob Cotteral
Region: South

* Age: 36
* Hometown: Cincinnati
* Occupation: Manufacturing Tech. Ford Motor Co
* Time in OSWCC: Since ’05
* Family: Flying solo
* Favorite Movie: Empire (ask me again tomorrow!)
* Collecting Focus: Darth Maul/Chewbacca
* Star Wars fan since: I can remember. First one I remember seeing was Empire
* Favorite character: Darth Maul
* Favorite item in your collection: Sideshow Maul 1:1 bust
* Originals or Prequels: I like ’em all
* Favorite quote from the movies: I find your lack of faith disturbing
* Loose or Mint on Cards: loose (gotta play with em!)
* Vintage or Modern: Mostly have modern
* Collection location: Toy room, where else!?
* Novels or comics: Novels
* Dark Side or Light Side: Dark
* Star Wars dream job: Anything where I could wear black and they call me Darth

Here are a few of Bob’s favorites: