OSWCC Member Feature: Chris Crothers


This is the seventh in a series featuring our members.

Name: Chris Crothers

OSWCC Treasurer

* Age: 35
* Hometown: Cincinnati
* Occupation: Assistant Facilities Manager for EMCOR Facilities Services
* Time in OSWCC: Member since 2005
* Family: Wife Laurie, daughter Jaina, son Caden
* Favorite Movie: ROTJ
* Collecting Focus: 3 3/4″ and Titaniums
* Star Wars fan since: 1980
* Favorite character: OTC – Fett, Prequels – Maul, Neyo
* Favorite item in your collection: AT-AT Prototype
* Originals or Prequels: Originals
* Favorite quote from the movies: “I didn’t see you playing with your dolls sir…” oh wrong space movie… let’s try “Never tell me the odds!”
* Loose or Mint on Cards: Minty, minty
* Vintage or Modern: Modern
* Collection location: Felucia
* Novels or comics: Novels but will try and pick up Legacy this summer
* Dark Side or Light Side: Dark baby….dark
* Star Wars dream job: Facilities Manager at Skywalker Ranch or Rancho Obi-Wan