OSWCC Member Feature: Dan Flarida


This is the ninth in a series featuring our members

Name: Dan Flarida
Region: South

* Age: 37

* Hometown: Lebanon, OH

* Occupation: Product Manager for LADD Industries (electrical connector distributor)

* Time in OSWCC: 12 years

* Family: My wife Kari and two cats Morey and Lily

* Favorite Movie: Favorite Star Wars movie is Empire Strikes back.  Favorite movie of all time is a toss up between Gladiator and Braveheart.

* Collecting Focus: Anything made by Kenner.  My goal is to have a production toy and pre-production item from every Kenner toy line.  I also really like Kenner internal items like business cards, binders, employee awards, etc.  Basically anything used inside Kenner.  My Star Wars focus is anything related to the A-Wing and Gentle Giant busts.  I also like Sea Wees.

* Star Wars fan since: As far back as I can remember.

* Favorite character: Ben Kenobi

* Favorite item in your collection:  Vintage hand-painted hard copy A-Wing used in all of the photography on the A-Wing box.

* Originals or Prequels: Original trilogy is my favorite by far, but I did really enjoy Revenge of the Sith.

* Favorite quote from the movies: “Stay on target.”

* Loose or Mint on Cards:  Either way is fine by me.  I really like the design process that went into the vintage packaging though.  Having items still in their package is a nice way to be able to appreciate the end result of all that hard work.

* Vintage or Modern: Vintage will always be my favorite, but there are a lot of neat modern things as well.

* Collection location: My basement.  A large portion of my collection is also on loan to the Steve Meister collection.

* Novels or comics: Neither.

* Dark Side or Light Side: It’s all good.

* Star Wars dream job: Special effects technician at ILM.

Here is a look at Dan’s collection: