Would you like to get a FREE exclusive patch at Celebration V?

The OSWCC crew will be mobile at CV, and here’s how to find us:

  • We will be attending a lot of the collector’s panels (especially the patch collector’s one.)
  • We will be hanging around the DCSWCC, PSWCS and SWGFA booths in the Fan Hall.
  • We will be roaming around the show floor and doing all the same fun things you are!
  • Several of us will be at the Last Tour to Endor Event on Saturday night.

Feel free to say hello and we’ll give you a patch, until supplies run out. There is a limited supply for each day of the show. One to a person please, so that everyone gets a fair shot. See you in Orlando!

To make it easier to find us, we’ll be wearing a different OSWCC club shirt each day of the show:

Thursday: Our Blue logo shirt

Friday: Our 2010 Green club shirt

Saturday: Our 2009 Red club shirt

Sunday: Our 2008 Brown club shirt

We’ll also have OSWCC badges on a lanyard that look like this: