KSWCC Summer Social

The Kentucky Star Wars Collectors Club held their first ever summer social on July 10th 2004. It coincided with the monthly meeting in Cincinnati so we figured we would make a road trip and have some fun!

Since there were no volunteers to host the July meeting in the Cincinnati Region of OSWCC we decided to take an offer to join KSWCC on Saturday July 10th for their first ever Summer Social! OSWCC members, Daryl Hall, Steve Meister, Dale Meyers, Dan Flarida and Dustin Roberts all met up in Florence Kentucky and packed into two cars for the trip down. Once there we were treated to quite a nice spread of hospitality. Food drink and plenty of Star Wars overload were on the agenda that day and we took part in everything we could. The host for the Summer Social ( Tim ) has an incredible collection throughout the house. We’d go in often to check it out and to cool off from the muggy hot and humid weather outside. Before they started their raffle Dan Flarida and Dale Meyers were both awarded certificates of appreciation from KSWCC for all their help in getting KSWCC started. Everyone got a goody bag and a freebie from the raffle and if that wasn’t enough there was plenty of great bargains to be found as it seemed like you were in a one of a kind Star Wars collectors store. We all had a great time and definitely plan on going back next year!