Celebration III Booth Schedule

Celebration III is April 21st through the 24th and we’d like to get started planning our booth volunteers schedule. OSWCC has a great location this time and we are expecting a lot of activity around the booth. We would like to do the same thing we did at CII and have members work two hour shifts while showing off pieces from their private collection. This will keep the look and feel of the booth changing throughout the entire show.

If you would like to help spread the good word about the fun we have in the club and about the benefits of having a close knit group like ours, please consider spending a couple hours out of your convention to help the club!

For CII we had some great raffle prizes for the folks who volunteered for the booth. This time we hope to do even more fun things as a thank you for everyone volunteering their time. We will have a raffle prize each day for members who work a shift that day, and it’s for a neat item that can be used while at the show. We will also have some surprises after it is all over. Of course everyone should volunteer because they want to, but the prizes add some fun to it!

There is a link in our forums to an online form to fill out your CIII details and for volunteering for the booth. It’s in the Celebration III forum right at the top! Remember you must be a registered OSWCC member to participate in the forums!