About Us



If you are interested in joining The Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club, please complete our registration form. Club membership is restricted to dues paying individuals 18 and up, but families are typically welcome at most meetings and the annual Summer Social.

Why join OSWCC?

OSWCC is a Star Wars fan club based in Ohio that has over 150 members who collect nearly anything you can imagine that has to do with that galaxy far, far away.

Our members have very diverse interests, and collect anything from toys and comics to statues, props, photographs, prototypes, and much, much more. If there’s been an item with “Star Wars” on it, you can bet someone in our group either collects it, or knows someone else who does.

The Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club is a resource through which those who live in and around Ohio can discuss new items that are arriving, toy & collectible show dates and generally anything else Star Wars related. We have monthly regional meetings based in the South Region (Cincinnati), Central Region (Columbus), and the North Region (Cleveland/Youngstown).

For daily discussion, there is a private ‘members only’ Facebook group page as well as our public Facebook page. You just need to search “Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club” on Facebook and request to join our group page once you’ve paid your dues, but more on that in a bit. The Facebook group page and monthly meetings are a great way to see some really rare collectibles, talk “shop” and also help complete your collection through buying, selling and trading. The club makes frequent appearances at local toy and collectible shows and even had group outings to big conventions, like various Star Wars Celebrations.

Once every summer, we host the Summer Social. The Social is a mini-convention that attracts about 125+ people from around the state who get together for a day of fun. Summer Socials include a huge swap meet section, charity auction, door prizes, games, special guests and much more. The location of the Social moves around the state from year to year.  In 2021, it will be in the North Region, near Cleveland, and in 2022 in Cincinnati.

Overall, OSWCC strives to be a place where members can get to know one another through our common locations and interests.

Club Dues

Dues are $12 per year, and go toward the cost of maintaining our website, costs involved with the Summer Social (members get free admission!) as well as our annual membership kit. The kit comes out in the second quarter of the year, and has included various things over the years, including membership cards, membership certificates, annual newsletters, collectible patches, pins or decals/stickers. The annual OSWCC t-shirt is also available to purchase for our members.

Thank you again for your interest. As we enjoy almost a quarter of a century of Buckeye State collecting, and over 40 years of Star Wars collecting, it’s a great time to get on board! We’ve always got a lot of fun things in the works, and hope you’ll consider joining us.