Registration FAQ

These are a few of our most frequently asked questions for registration in OSWCC. Please read them over, and hopefully they will answer many of the questions you might have before joining up!

1. Who must fill out a registration form?
All members must fill out the registration form in order to join the Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club (OSWCC)

2. Is all the information required?
Only the information marked with a red asterisk is required to become a member of OSWCC. This information will remain confidential and will only be available to the club’s governing body, with the exception of a member’s first and last name. A member’s first and last names will be used to identify him or her in the discussion forums, and are only available to fellow club members. The other requested information is optional and may be filled out in part or in whole. Filling in the non-required information will let other members get to know you better by having the information posted in the members section of the website.

3. What is a full member?
A full member is able to vote on club issues and receive club giveaways, such as membership packets or the annual OSWCC “proof card” if you attend the annual Summer Social.

4. When should I send in my membership dues if I want to be a full member?
Membership dues should be paid each year during January, or whenever you first register with the club.

5. How much are the membership dues and how do I pay them?
Dues are $12 per year and can be paid using Paypal (to Please send an email to with any questions.

6. What’s this “Region” thing?
Every OSWCC member should be associated with a region or can be independent. Associating with a region means that you are aligning yourself with that region and agree to abide by whatever rules that region may have in addition to those set by the club as a whole. You also gain the right to vote on the Regional Director for that region for representation on the governing board. Currently there are three regions: North, Central & South. If you choose to not affiliate with any region, mark the “Outlander” box and write a small explanation as to why. This box should also be used for members that are or were formerly Ohio residents but are currently residing out of state.

7. Are there restrictions on which region I can associate with?
No. The only requirements are that you abide by that region’s additional rules and regulations (if any).

8. What do I get in return for registering for the club?
All members must register to participate in the club, including the club’s Facebook group. “Full” or dues-paying members are eligible for annual membership kits, club giveaways, rights to attend local and statewide meetings and events without additional costs, and rights to vote on members of the governing board and other club related issues that arise.

9. How long are my membership dues good for?
One year or until the following January.

10. What if I’m joining in November? Does that mean I have to pay membership dues now and then again in January?
No. Anyone registering and paying dues in the middle of the year is covered through the end of the following year.

11. Where can I get more information or get questions answered?
Send us an Email .

12. Alright – so sign me up already! 

Here’s the link to the registration page: